Latest scam involving puppies.   The police have put out an information flyer to people.  Last week someone who had purchased a pup online and sent a sizable deposit went to Newark Liberty to pick up the pup.  Guess what?  No pup and the check had been cashed and all contacts deleted.    BUYER BEWARE

Do's and Don'ts when buying a Puppy

   When people decide it's the right time to buy a dog, they go on the internet and start their search.  They find it very exciting to look thru a catalog of different websites and breeders. You can e-mail everyone, ask for pictures, ask questions, find out what the price is, and be put on a waiting list with 10 different breeders. They are on a mission. But they forget some of the most important things in their excitement. 
   Anyone can have a great website, you can either be talented and do it yourself or have someone else do it for you. What is their object for breeding? Are they breeding to improve the breed? Do they belong to a local Dog Club or National Breed Club? This is important because all Dog clubs have a Code Of Ethics which members must sign and abide by. When people call me, I try to give them hints on what to ask when they are calling or looking for a new puppy.  One of the first questions people ask, does the puppy have papers? What kind of papers? AKC or another non-descript registry (that register any dog purebred or designer breed. Often times, the reason people register with other registries is that AKCin order to insure the dog is indeed purebred, does DNA testing. All others registries just give you a piece of paper that says your dog is registered with them.  These registries do not hold any events, such as  dog shows, field trials, earthdog  events, obedience, rally, or agility trials.The American Kennel club provides information to the general public, supports health foundations, genetic testing, in addition to fighting for the rights of dogs and their owners. Another thing I want to mention is not to meet someone on the road or halfway between their place and yours. You should be able to see where and under what conditions your new puppy was raised. The new puppy is going to be part of your family for a very long time.  I knew a lovely, well-dressed, well spoken person, who would meet people at an exit off a main highway to deliver their puppy. You could not tell she was a puppymill, raising at least 25-30 different breeds. The old saying "Buyer Beware" still rings true today as it did in the past. Dog Clubs are the best way to get referrals for a breeder in your area. If you must travel further then you would like to, always remember, you only make the trip once, to get that special puppy.  Good Luck!!!!


What Is A Breeder?


Anyone who breeds a litter.  A regular person who has a female dog and
decides to breed her to the dog down the street.  Below are different types
of breeders, who would you like to buy your puppy from????

Let's look at 5 types of breeders:

1. The Professional Trainer and Kennel. This person breeds and trains dogs.
This person or company proves their kennel dogs by competing in
Trials/Tests and has the breeding stock with those titles on it, and has a
list of customers who have bought dogs from their stock who also have
the proof, 'titles' on the dogs they purchased from that Kennel. They have
done all the health tests, and stand behind their dogs every step of the way. 

2. The responsible 'private' breeder. This person also competes in
Trials/Tests, and hunts, his/her breeding stock also have the titles to
prove the dog. This person also does all of the health tests. This person
may breed 1 perhaps 2 litters a year.

Both the above, carefully choose breeding stock, looking for genetic
defects, and match potential Sire/Dam's for breeding to proven attributes.
They also x-ray hips of parents. Test parents and or pups for 
genetic diseases. Test Eyes of parents and litter.

3 . The two neighbors, who's AKC registered dogs, 'got together'
one spring day, and now they have a litter of pups for sale in the local
paper.OR, two hunting buddies, who have excellent hunting dogs,
and decide, let's have some more. But do not test, because they
probably don't know about any tests. 

4.  The breeder, who want's a couple of extra bucks, or show the kids,
'the miracle of birth'. Or says, "all that club stuff is all politics, I just
 have good dogs", and does none of the health checks. Or the breeder
selling 'Show' bred dogs, with JH Hunt test titles, saying they are good
hunting dogs. Or the breeder selling a 'Field' dog crossed with a 'show' dog.
You will fine lots of these breeders on Web pages advertising, and in the local papers. 

5. The breeder, for strictly money, who sells to pet shops, brokers,
pets warehouses. In an over view, It does not matter how shiny and clean
a kennel is.There are some very nice looking kennels out there, that sell
a lot of dogs. What matters is; How Healthy is the dog, What tests have
been done, and do you SEE the Proof! Of the Titles, and the Health Checks!

If you were buying a dog, who would you want to buy from?

If you were to breed dogs, which catagory would you come under